Dr. Daryoush Allaei

Dr. Allaei has more than 35 years of expertise in developing and supplying the military with vibration solutions for their most challenging problems. He has a proven track record of leading projects from inception to final product and into the hands of the end-user.

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His projects range from military applications funded through the DOD to energy application and commercialization funded through the DOE to solutions for Fortune 500 companies in the United States.

38 years of R&D
30+ U.S. patents
20+ international patents
200 national and international publications
50+ speaking invitations at conferences
30 years of business experience
Titan of Technology, 2014
Cleantech Open Award, 2011
Recipient of R&D 100, 2004
Tibbets Award, 2002
Smart Structure Award, 2000

Dr. Allaei has received numerous government contracts to solve noise, acoustic, vibration, and shock problems in our nation’s military systems for over 30 years. He has led teams that have worked on marine vehicles (submarines and surface ships), ground vehicles (Humvees), and airborne vehicles (helicopters and aircraft).

Some of his projects include:

Performance Analysis System Software. Agency: OSD

Intelligently Vibrating Dewatering Machinery. Agency: DOE

Intelligent Vibrating Air Filters. Agency: Army

Energy-Based Vibration Control System for Load-Bearing Skin Structures. Agency: MDA

Smart Screening Systems in Taconite Processing. Agency: DOE

Smart Isolation Mounts for Army Guns with Energy Flow Controlling Structural Elements. Agency: Army

Vibration Energy Confinement Analysis Software. Agency: NSF

Application of Localized Vibration and Smart Materials in Controlling the Dynamic

Response of Structures. Agency: DARPA

Acoustically Intelligent Surfaces for C3 Shelters. Agency: Army

PhD, System Dynamics, Purdue University, 1986
MSME, Nonlinear Dynamics, Purdue University, 1983
BSME, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, 1981
Research, Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University, 1983–86
Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, 2005
Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 2001
Quality Research & Development Inc., cofounded in 1991

Dr. James Rall

The engineering team is led by AE-R&D’s senior engineer and scientist Dr. James Rall. Dr. Rall has 10 years of experience performing research and development in both academic and industrial settings.

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Dr. Rall has led technical efforts for multiple military and commercial projects.

10+ years of R&D
Prepared and submitted SBIR proposal
7 national and international publications
8 conference presentations
Desert Silicon, Inc.
Cleantech Open Semifinalist
Rall Solutions
Nokomis, Inc.

Some of his projects include:

Electronic Counterfeit Detection

Cyber-Physical Security

Remaining Useful Life

RF Coatings

RF Communication in Jungle Environment

Transparent Conductive Film

High-Temperature Thick SOG Film

Thermoelectric Device SOG Filler

PhD, Physics, West Virginia University, 2011
Research, Dr. Mohindar Seehra Lab, 2008–11
Nickel Hydroxide Magnetic nanoparticles (NPs)
Zinc-Manganese-Oxide NPs

BS, Physics, Northern Arizona University (NAU), 2005
Research, Dr. Stephen Tegler, 2004–05
BS, Mathematics, NAU, 2005
BS, Chemistry, NAU, 2005

Dr. Jun Han

Dr. Jun Han has more than 15 years of extensive experience in solving mechanical problems related to structural sound and vibration, NVH, Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD), thermal, and numerical modeling.

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15 years of R&D

30 projects in the past 6 years as project lead

Outstanding Contribution to Innovation Award at UTC Carrier, 2019

Chairman’s Award at Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, 2016

Experience in concepts and tools used in industrial engineering environments for FEA analysis and the corresponding pre- and post-processing packages (e.g. ANSYS, ABAQUS, FLUENT, LS-DYNA, ALTAIR, LMS, etc.)

Two patent applications

Industrial mentor, guide co-ops

Lean six sigma green belt

Design for six sigma (DFSS) II

PhD, Mechanical Engineer, Tianjin University 2004

MSME, Mechanical Engineer, Tianjin University of Science & Technology 2001

BSME, Mechanical Engineer, Tianjin University of Science & Technology 1998

Staff Engineer, UTC Carrier, 2017 - 2020

Senior Engineer, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, 2013 - 2017

Assistant Research Professor, University of Connecticut, 2011 – 2013

Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2008 – 2011

Research Scholar, Vibro-Acoustic Consortium (VAC) at University of Kentucky, 2005 – 2008

Benjamin Reydel, EIT

Benjamin has three years of experience in product design, analysis, and qualification. In addition, he has a deep understanding of product lifecycles and iterative prototyping processes.

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His hard skills include computer-aided design, data acquisition and analysis, and maintaining critical attention to stakeholder needs and requirements. Product fields include military, biomedical, and consumer.

Certified in SAFe Scaled Agile, Benjamin has experience acting as Scrum Master for multidisciplinary teams and brings his communication, time management, and organization skills to projects.

2 U.S. patents
Prepared and submitted SBIR proposal
BE, Mechanical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, 2019