Our path to a solution is individualized. We Provide services for diverse industries, considering the unique traits of each customer.

How we work with you:

  • Your request for services is followed by a questionnaire and/or phone conference to identify the problem and key requirements.
  • An overview of your project is reviewed by Shock Tech AE-R&D engineers and scientists to pair your needs with our services and technology.
  • A summary report is generated for your approval. Our team then prepares and submits a detailed single or multiphase plan depending on project type. The plan will include a statement of work, objectives and goals, tasks, schedule, and budget. Not all projects require a multi-phase approach, and certain phases may be bypassed to expedite your solution.


  1. Problem definition
  2. Assessment of the problem by AE-R&D team
  3. Iterative modeling, testing, and analysis
  4. Solution and materials development
  5. Execution of solution

Please contact us to learn how our technology and Shocktech AE-R&D team can be of help and benefit your organization.

Can we help you?

We are happy to answer your questions to determine how our services can meet your needs.